Import/Export Forum

The Import/Export Forum

Import/export forum is Nigeria’s number one importation and exportation forum.

It is a platform where members help each other to achieve their goals in exports and import business and as well move a step foward to attain their financial freedom.

In the forum we educate members on how to utilize their potentials and increase their income through

Exportation of food stuff and raw materials to foreign countries and as well import finished products

Or goods from Overseas into Nigeria. Export business has become so lucrative in Nigeria because of the devaluation of naira and rise in U.S dollars,Euro and Pounds.

In exports, you make your sales  in hard currency like dollars,euro,pounds etc depending on the country your customers base.

Main objective of the forum is to educate members on how to set up multiple streams of income and as well leverage on the opportunities that is evergreen and yet untapped in Nigeria.

Joining the forum will be a breakthrough to your success in the areas of exports or importation of goods  from any country abroad. We are determined to make every member succeed in his or her area of interest either export or importing goods from countries like China, USA, UK,Turkey,United Arab

Emirate, Vietnam , Bangladesh, India etc


On the platform we provide also a market place where you can sell or market your products for sale free of charge.

Our earning potentials is second to none, you earn one thousand four hundred [1,400] naira per every member you introduce to the forum, just register, copy your link and share to your friends on whatsapp,facebook, twitter etc  any of them that clinked on your link and join the forum automatically earns you the sum of one thousand four hundred [1,4000] naira which is withdrawable any time any day just make a withdrawal request and your account will be credited.

Registration  To join the forum  you need to pay Two thousand naira 6k which is a token compare to what you will gain or achieve as a member. Ninety percent of our members makes times two of their registration fee same day after registration by sharing their links to their friends to click and get registered as well. Remember, admin will credit to your account one thousand four hundred [ 1,400] naira per each participant you introduce.

Which means, if you introduce any member who joins the forum as a member out of the two thousand naira 6k he pays to join, the admin credits one thousand four hundred [1,400] naira to you for introducing such member.  Just imagine if twenty of your friends on facebook joins through your link. Most members do register more than 25 persons in one week. The good thing about the forum is that, Our people do say and i qoute 'good market sales itself' that is to say, you dont need much talk to present the opportunity to people many do join willingly without persuasion. Just create the awareness by sharing your links to you friends and you will see most of them joining voluntarily once they visit and see 'OUR VISSION AND MISSION' that, we are together pursuing one common interest of achieving financial freedom to all members.  Once registered, copy your  referral  link on the right hand side of your dashboard and share to your friends on social media. Introduce the forum on your facebook pages, tell your friends benefits of being a member and tell those you can reach one on one about naira export as well, you will be surprise at how much you will make in just few days by spreading the news of this new innovation. Join the fastest growing forum in Nigeria.

To register; click on buy 'coupon' pay 6k to any of the coupon vendor's acct.

Obtain coupon  code once payment confirmed. Now you have registration code,

Click on registration and fill in your details and enter the coupon code and the system will authomatically confirm you.

Login into your dashboard and start Learning, Earning and Selling your products to the world.