Naira export is Nigeria’s number one import and export Platform. It is a platform where you learn everything about Import and Export Business. You will learn how to import/export your products to overseas. The idea of Nairaexport was initiated by a group called Import/Export Nigeria.These are Exporters and Mini Importers who come together to educate Nigerians on exports and imports business. We are group,we are one family with one vision which is to make every member productive and have multiple streams of income. On the platform, we have a forum called IMPORT/EXPORT FORUM. It is a form of classroom forum where members learn their import and export business. And there is also MARKET PLACE on the platform where Members sell all their products to the world. We have also referral bonus whereby members gets rewarded handsomely for introducing other members or friends to the platform. we pay you one thousand four 1,400 naira on each person you introduce or registered through your referral link. Many members makes over twenty thousand naira 20k on weekly bases just by introducing their friends through facebook, twiter etc to the platform. The main objective of this forum is to make sure that every member of the forum succeeds in his or her area of interest be it importation or export of foodstuff and raw materials. Join the forum to Earn,Learn and Sell your products to the world.

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To teach as many Nigerians as we can how to import and export goods both online and offline in order to create many millionaires within the forum.


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Mini importation is an advanced form of a small scale business, in which you can import goods from Oversea countries like China,India,Turkey,USA etc into another country. A mini importation business allows you to deal directly with the manufacturers, so you can buy goods from overseas at a very cheap and comfortable price and resale it at high price sometimes three times of the cost price. As the name implies, mini-importation business is a simple type of business where someone buys a product from overseas at a cheap price and re-sells it at a higher price for profit.By so doing, you can make a lot of profit from doing a mini importation business in Nigeria. This business is mostly done online. It’s no longer news that Nigerians trust imported goods than locally produced goods. So, this means that there is a ready market for your products. In this forum, you will learn the step by step guide you need to succeed in a mini-importation business. Also, you will learn the pitfalls to avoid and the best websites that will help you run your business. Usually, a lot of people see mini-importation business as a small scale business. But, on the contrary, you can also import a large number of products depending on your capital. Hence, a mini-importation business is for people with low capital and also for people who have a huge capital to invest. You can decide to start with as low as N20,000 or as high as N10million.Before now, only certain organisations with huge capital investments deal in importation business. Fortunately, with the advent of the internet and technology, anyone can engage in any type of business. We are no boundless and there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

  • Why You Should Consider A Mini-Importation Business
  • Being an importer can serve as a side hustle for you while you maintain your full-time job .
  • If you choose the right product and select the right market, you can cover your one year salary with just one successful import (depending on what you earn anyways).
    • A personal computer (PC) or mobile phone
    • Valid address where your products can be delivered to.
    • Valid e-mail address
    • Start-up capital .
    • And Most Importantly a mentor or someone to guide you through atleast for the time to avoid being duped or scammed online .

    i. ABC of mini Exportation of foodstuffs and raw materials
    ii. How to tap into exportation business as a beginner
    iii. Requirements for starting mini exportation of foodstuffs.
    iv. Product sourcing and quality control strategy
    v. How to source for buyers. The best way to get buyers of your product.
    vi. Packaging, shipping and payment.
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  • i. You earn One thousand four hundred naira (N1,400) for every member that registered through your link or user name. some members makes over 30k monthly just by referring their friends on facebook and other social media
    ii. You will make new friends who will impact your life positively because every member of naira export has vision.
    iii. You will market and sell your products on our platform free of charge, we are complete we care about your success.
    iv. For those with little startup capital you will enjoy what we call (groupage) which allows you to buy and ship your goods from abroad at the cheapest rate.

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